Ngoc Linh Ginseng - Question 8

On the market there are more than 80% pearl ginseng is the ginseng jade, natural jade ginseng or natural semi-natural ginseng must have specific characteristics as follows:

If the ginseng is really bitter, the more bitter the more you eat (after 10-15 minutes) will see the sweet and sweet sweet taste in the neck. Smell of fleshy, fragrant characteristic of ginseng.

When chewing, it looks like ginseng, brittle ginseng, no fiber, the more sweet the more.

Fake pearl ginseng is made very sophisticatedly from roots, tubers, ... (many old ones are made to be 100% real). So more than 80% of users find it difficult to distinguish fake real ginseng:

If it is fake ginseng: When eating, there is a lot of fibrous, chewy fibers, when it turns out, the fiber is seen. When chewing there is no crunchy feeling, no bitterness but the taste.

After eating at once, he saw his neck in the neck, his neck was hot, and his neck was burning like coughing, tonsillitis

Note: some people feel restless, their mouths want to eat sweets and thirst

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