Ngoc Linh Ginseng - Question 12

Every year, a true jade ginseng grows 1 equivalent to 1 leaf after autumn to winter. The leaves of raspberry leaves prepare for a new spring of ginseng buds of the previous year leaving a shape, a dent called an eye. Ginseng (the image looks like a screw mouth but not round, the eye is deformed over time, the eyes grow out of alignment.

When many years of burning are often deformed, forming layers of wrinkles, wrinkles like the necks of fat people.

There are many bulbs that do not staggered many different steps to be separated clearly, do not "crush" on each other like Tam San.

The ginseng pearls made of tam vi ngan also grow in ginseng so they have the same structure of ginseng but the characteristics are different.

Each tricuspid eye is circular, concave, deep, when growing, it is not full of eyes, eyes are aligned.

Many years old tubers burn like scaly scales.

Ventricular tuber with straight eyes

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