Ngoc Linh Ginseng - Question 10

The real ginseng is the surface of ginseng, the color of ginseng, especially the skin where the ginseng and the root of ginseng have a layer of skin like the perennial dried melaleuca bark wrapped outside.

Ginseng is usually yellow like the color of the potato peel or the color is homogeneous with the color (usually occurs in the ginseng many years old)

Note: When peeling off this layer of skin, you will see a thick epidermis of brown, purple, yellow, and sometimes moss green due to environmental light.

The fake pearl ginseng is made of beetle or trifle without the skin and the epidermis is not the same as the potato peel (when washed with water, the color of the bulb is as smooth as the plastic and the color is usually the same without color).

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