Ginseng soaked in honey - 15gr

Ngoc Linh Ginseng Garden in Tra Linh commune, Quang Nam

Our company has invested to cultivate 3ha pure pearl ginseng in village 2, Tra Linh commune, Nam Tra My, Quang Nam. The ginseng seedlings are cultivated manually from the ginseng seeds.

Harvesting Annual Ginseng Seeds

Every August every year our company harvests ginseng seeds from mature ginseng varieties. After that, we will carry out the cultivation of these seeds in a closed nursery for 6-8 months.

Harvesting Ngoc Linh Ginseng Mature

With Ngoc Linh Ginseng, the exploiting age is 6-7 years old and with special characteristics, the more long-lasting jade tree, the higher the amount of Saponin inside.

The process of Handling Ginseng

After the ginseng ginseng spit from the garden, it will be treated to remove ginseng leaves. Then we proceeded to pack these quality ginseng to bring to the stage of ginseng processing.

The stage of So Che Sam

Ngoc Linh Ginseng will be undergoing a cleaning process with a pressure tap to dissolve the soil. Then we will proceed with the separation of ginseng roots and the classification of ginseng.

Work of Thin Sam Waterfall Section

The ginseng root after separating the roots, we proceed to slice each bulb with a length of 2-3mm.

Pure Honey

We will put pure honey into each jar of slices and proceed to seal the lid and soak this box for 30 days before being delivered to the customers.

Premium snail spoon

In each product, our Ginseng Soaked Honey is accompanied by a high quality scoop to help our customers use it for the use of our ginseng slices. On the surface of the spoon there will be our logo symbol.

100 ml | 15gr Sam | 85gr Honey

User manual

Soak and chew 1 slice of ginseng every day

Honey in pickled jars can be used to mix with warm water 35-40 degrees, then cool and drink.

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